21 days

Waking up to your purpose

An online RETREAT designed to shift your mindset for achievement and a deep sense of fulfillment. Learn the tools. the gift is already in you.

 Get Clear


science has evidenced that it takes 21 days to create a habit. Whether its food, lifestyle modification, creating a new routine you need to practice at it. 

More than likely you have tried to implement changes on your own, and have had little success in maintaining your changes and turning them into a permanent lasting behavior. and that may happen for two reason; you are not clear on what you want and because you start and then drop off because you have not done anything to change your internal psychology to make changes stick.

The first part of this program is getting clear on what your goals are. sometimes what we think we want and what we feel we want is different and once you get clear on that the goal becomes clear.

Using techniques and excersices to derive your own answers you will experince a sense of clarity about knowing what you want and aligning your feelings with that vision.

Get Direction


You know where you are going but do you know how to get there?

if you are in a car and the answer is no you use a GPS or map to get you there. for life matters and life changes we don't have a GPS. But we can follow direction from people who have been there and grow from that and better yet, once we watch and understand why high achievers succeed we get insight into their blueprint for success. 

This program will help you develop your own blueprint and action plan to work towards the achievement of your vision whatever that may be for you. Its does not matter if your goal is to loose 15 pounds or launch a new business, It all involves changing your psychology, shifting your beliefs and living with intention experiencing fulfillment.

Successful manifestation is one that brings forth change a change or shift in consciousness

Launch Date: 11.8.18

What you get & how it works

  • A daily unlimited text and email support

  •  21 days of  60 minute online  live workshops to help you grow, heal and achieve your biggest goals and to keep your momentum going

  • You will receive reading materials for your personal development

  • Recipes and supplement samples to support brain function and neuro-plasticity.

what we cover

Some of the workshop topics that we will discuss are:

  • Success mindset & NLP

  • Brain function & hormonal health

  • Understanding the reward system of the brain

  • Emotional intelligence & coping with trauma

  • Understanding addiction & pathways to sobriety

  • Increasing self worth, self love and confidence

  • Nutrition for increased energy and clarity

  • Overcoming food addiction

  • Breaking negative patterns and habits

  • Dealing with societal dictums and peer pressure

  • Spirituality & Rituality

  • Healthy Holidays

  • Awakening your purpose and connecting you to your authentic self

  • Formula for success: achieving goals with ease

What you invest

This 21 day Retreat is an opportunity for you to grow and achieve and create habits of self care and self devotion. Only when you can place VALUE ON YOURSELF yet be humble enough to know that YOU CAN'T DO IT ALONE, will you be able to achieve your goals with ease.

Give yourself permission and take on this 21 day retreat as a challenge and catalyst for change...I am excited to support you!