Homeschool COOPEative of the EAst End


Homeschooling is a wonderful journey which allows a child to be a leader in their learning and developing their own strengths.

We are a drop- off enrichment cooperative offering a variety of classes to enrich your homeschool journey, provide curriculum support and a social group oriented environment for children to grow in. Our weeks are themed based in order to promote group and team oriented learning while allowing the child to lead in the process.

We have group classes Monday Wednesdays and Fridays 

Tuesday and Thursdays we offer tutoring and special services such as speech therapy and early intervention learning services. These special needs services are covered by insurance.

Enrichement COoperative


the East End 










our story

On June 13th, 2019  26200 children in NYS were banned from schools due to loss of religious and medical exemptions leaving parents and families scrambling to make the needed arrangements for their children. Many having little to no choice giving up their incomes, or careers they worked for in order to manage homeschooling and childcare issues. I am one of those parents. my child is one of those children.

We navigated homeschooling playgroups from one farm to another for months and that was great but when it came time for enrichment and classes the costs associated with them left us with no choice but to start a homebase cooperative environment for academic enrichment and elective classes with a membership fee that makes it possible and accesible for EVERY family on the East End of Long Island to provide their children with a fun filled academic enrichment opportunity through their homeschool journey.

Partnering with a Speech Therapist and Early Intervention Specialists we will aim to create all the services children need to thrive and elevate children without having to depend on public school systems to have access to them and support your childs development and growth in a TRULY individualized way. 

We are opening our doors to the most amazing and beautiful healthy collective of children and homeschooling families this

March 2020

We have 21 spots avilable. The first ten families to apply and submitt their agreements and applications will be locked into the "Founding Families" rate. The rate may increase as we grow and the needs of our children grow. Don't miss out on locking your rate. 


Below you will find a contact form and a link to all forms.  

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