So you want to lose weight...

In the business and practice of empowering individuals to reach their health and wellness goals more often than not, the desired outcome for most is weight loss.

Achieving weight loss is not as difficult and hard as we have been trained to believe. There are so many reasons to make an effort towards achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. And more importantly a healthy relationship to your body, a connectedness that can direct you towards self love.

Food is the most important relationship you can develop. The relationship you have with food, will determine the outcome of your life, your health.

What does excess weight in a person mean other than the obvious- poor diet and lifestyle?

It means that there is fear. It means that the individual is seeking fulfillment. It means that that weight being carried is a measure of protection; it means that there is self-rejection. Have you noticed how most people who are overweight carry beautiful features, and a tendency to be kind and caregivers?

The idea of self rejection is one that is prevalent in people with not only unhealthy weight issues but also people with Body Dismorphic Disorder. People often look to food for comfort. In stressful times or often simply to fill void, it’s an instant reward to the brain therefore producing chemicals and hormonal reactions that make you feel good however the good feeling does not last as pounds are packed creating more stress.

Weight loss does not have to mean restriction. It does not have to mean eating things that are powders and processed. It does not have to mean yo yo dieting. Loosing the unhealthy weight and maintaining healthy weight can be easily achieved when the individual feels empowered, encouraged, and evaluated and facilitated with a mind body approach. I have found that giving people recommendations to follow without taking into consideration the rest of their lives, history and conditioning is does not yield results. People with a tendency to hold weight on may often subconsciously use the weight to blanket their fear , anger and resistance to forgiveness. If you are considering a weight loss plan, I invite you to have a conversation with me and let me show you what working with me is like and how I have maintained a healthy weight and developed a relationship with food that changed my life.

Here are a few simple steps to implement to support your weight loss goals

  1. Drink more water. Most people don’t drink enough water. Doing so helps people feel fuller faster, its helps reduce cravings, it helps with digestion. Flushes toxins

  2. Reduce Sugars and eliminate artificial sweeteners. Sugar is in everything. Read labels, not so much the nutritional data but instead focus on the ingredients. Any ingredient ending “OSE” (fructose, maltose, dextrose, lactose) are all sugars. Sugar is the one element we don’t need to add to food or intake. The glucose we need is already naturally occurring in the foods we eat. Artificial sweeteners are hormone disruptors, endocrine disruptors and are extremely acidic in PH quality, so when the body builds acidity, it prepares to counter disease and illness and holds on to weight. Most people who consume artificial sweeteners don’t think about how much soda they consume because it lacks calories but what about the amount of chemicals they are consuming? America is an obese nation and we are a low fat and sugar free and yet half of the population including children is obese.

  3. Increase vegetables and fresh foods. Magic happens when you eat whole foods and vegetables. Your body feels fuller faster mostly due to the nutritional density of these foods but also because they are fiber packed and that helps elimination.

  4. Find physical activity you love. I don’t love to run, but what I do love and keeps me motivated to do it, is the post work out feeling. Getting your groove on with exercise not only means burning calories but more endorphins, serotonin and dopamine.

  5. Keep your goal realistic. It would be great to lose 5 lbs weekly. But its unrealistic and not meeting your goals will diminish your motivation. Instead focus on 1- 1.5 lbs weekly to make sure the weight melts away while you create healthy habits and changes instead of starving and restricting.

If you want to learn how to shed pounds, get healthy and create an amazing outcome for yourself, feel free to drop me a note. One conversation can change your life and the way you feel now.

To your success & health,


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