Preventing Cold & Flu. NATURALLY

Today I woke up with a full schedule that included court appearance, two back to back 90 minute consults, checking in with my team, and in between in all being a mom.

I woke up, started the day, waited for Sophia, the 5 year old member of our tribe, and noticed she was slightly off but none the less in good spirits. Upon our morning rituals, we got in the car and drove blissfully away in the morning sunlight. I parked my car, and was greeted by projectile vomit followed by " Mommy, I can't stay for school today" as I stood with handfuls of puke trying not to puke myself. And needless to say, I did not get to court, I did not see my clients. I have spent the entire day in bed with Sophia trying to comfort her in between runs to the bathroom or grabbing a bucket...

So dear reader, to prevent you my experience and to support you in strengthening your immune system, this one is for you.

As foreword, please, before making any changes to your diet and lifestyle, consult with a qualified and experienced professional. Doing otherwise put you at risk of interactions and creating imbalances.

My intention is to give you some tools to incorporate from wherever you are. The information contained in this article is for you to enrich yourself, to consider new paradigms, and to implement or not to implement the suggestions.

During the fall and winter are immune systems are caught off guard due to the reduction in sunlight, the additional consumption of sugary processed foods during the holidays, resulting in a stagnated liver and a more acidic internal Ph level preparing the perfect biological terrain to host airborne bacteria and viruses.


Increase your dose of Vitamin D. this one supports immune function, cardiovascular health, respiratory function and recent studies have shown it to be cancer preventive as well as a mood AND sex enhancer :)

Get moving. studies have shown that people who maintain an active lifestyle get sick less often and have better overall health. The immune part happens through the increase in heart rate, oxygenation of the cells, endorphin response- endorphins are mediators between the immune system, the enteric nervous system and the central nervous system.

Reduce sugar. I sound like a broken record with this one but people are still consuming massive amounts of sugar. A highly addictive behavior altering substance. It is no wonder my munchkin is sick right now. Yesterday was candy fest and although she consumes very small amounts of sugary foods, yesterday was excessive. Within 90 minutes of having her first lollipop, she turned into a true ghoul...she gets irritable like most people when she starts crashing from the sugar high...

Increase cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, radishes, bokchoy, turnips. I love everything about the Seasonal Diet Theory. It states that those things available in season should be eaten with three goals in mind- improving health, preventing illness and having a minimal impact on our environment by eating what is locally and seasonally available. I started experimenting with it over a decade ago and it has become a predominant trait in my household. If you pay close attention the foods available in the spring have different colors than the ones harvested and available in late summer that's because they hold a higher concentration of polyphenols which boost immune function...coincidence or nature intended?

I don't believe in coincidence and I do believe in nature, I am a part of it, you are a part of it and our food and food is a part of it. The corporate food system not so much.

Add a green supplement or daily green juice to your diet. Green juices and supplements are loaded with chlorophyll, which helps produce Vitamin K which helps support regeneration of cells. They also help with liver function and are beneficial for symptoms of liver stagnation which are common this time of year.

Bone broth. Its not only soothing and delicious this time of year, but the collagen it helps boost immune function by restoring intestinal flora.

Cover your cough sneeze. I find this to be common courtesy that is skipped by many. Please cover your cough. Your cough puts out micro spray of your saliva or nasal fluids and that exactly is how the contagion spreads

Wash your hands. over and over through out the day. Especially before meals.

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