How to shift your Holidays... make them uplift you rather than drain you Wishing you a healthy Holid

The holidays for many people can bring up a very wide range of emotions and surface issues from the past. Lonesomeness, abandonment, family differences to name a few. We remember our childhoods which for many carry traumatic memories and for many memories of loved ones that are no longer alongside their journey. Compound the emotional triggers along side long hours at work and social pressures and its really not hard to see why for some the holidays can seem draining.

I changed the script for my holidays a few years ago. I started by realizing that my past has no control over my present. I started dissociating from past experiences and decided to create new ones that I could associate holiday celebrations with. It started with allowing myself to catch the bug. Who cares if it’s a Hallmark holiday? Yes. Every day should be a day of giving thanks. Every day should be an opportunity to connect with our loved ones.

If you are struggling with Holiday blues, here is what you can do to create a healthier and more positive approach to the holidays whether you choose to celebrate along family and friends or intimately.

Gratitude and Love now.

This has become my mantra. Anytime I feel my internal bully and my negative chatter I just say this to myself to bring me back into the present moment. To hold gratitude for being alive and to fill myself with the energy of love in that moment. Doing this consistently in my life has shifted me from negativity to joy.

Set boundaries.

Know what your limits are. Don’t over schedule yourself if you are already overwhelmed by tasks and social events. During gatherings don’t feel pressured to have to answer uncomfortable questions or partake in uncomfortable discussions. You don’t have to answer or do anything you don’t want to. You can set your limits for yourself and that which you will tolerate from others.

Skip the alcohol.

Alcohol is a documented depressant. And it can cloud thinking. It also serves as self-medicating element for people. So instead of coping and processing emotions, people will turn to alcohol in effort to feel better but the feel good is only temporary and feeling hung over is not going to yield a positive state.

Be your own Santa.

Yes. Give yourself permission to buy yourself something amazing this holiday season. Maybe there is a course you have been wanting to take. Maybe it’s a trip. A niece piece of jewelry. Or a massage. Whatever it maybe for you, indulge yourself a little.

Get moving.

Physical activity is the way to natural increase your feel good hormones and awaken your dopamine receptors! we eat more sugar, consume more alcohol and skimp on sleep during the holidays. And depending on your geographical location, the lack of sunlight is a mood damper. Exercise will not only help your weight management during the holidays but for certain it will help you out of the funk.

Nurture your home environment.

Add splashes of color, decorate with things that you can choose from where you are now, trying to create a new association for your holiday season. What colors do you like? What scents? Make it yours…

Practice forgiveness.

Maybe this holiday season you can experience more joy if you can let go of resentments and negative emotions that are keeping you stuck. Keeping you in a place of discomfort. Forgiveness does not mean you have to accept the wrong doings of others. It means releasing the hurt or resentment and letting go knowing that you never have to tolerate what hurt you.

"When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves"- Frankl

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