Bridging the Gap. Getting from where you are to where to you want to be

There comes a time for most of us, in which we have a desire for change, a hunger for more. Maybe you want to take your business to the next level. Perhaps you want to change the direction of your life. Maybe you just want to create a legacy for your family. No matter what the outcome is, undeniably there will come a point of having to face the “how do I get from wanting to manifesting?”

I am here to share what I have spent years of my life observing in my highly successful clients doing to achieve and manifest their visions and what has worked for me to continuously keep myself motivated, and has worked no matter how many times I have changed the course of my sail. Life is ever changing and we are constantly evolving if we are growing. And we need to develop tools and strategies to help us manifest. To get the results and outcome we desire.

Creating a vision for your future.

This process is typically the one we all avoid, giving way to people living their lives by default rather than by choice. Most people that find themselves in unfulfilling situations are there because they have not taken the time to ask themselves big questions. Without a plan or a vision how can you possibly know what actions steps to take to get you the results you want? It's like baking a cake without a recipe.

Define your outcome.

Here are some of the questions you really want to answer

What would your life look like being guided by a grander vision?

What would you be doing?

With whom are you co- creating?

What is your environment like?

Prepare your ecology.

Much like you have to prepare the soil for planting is the journey into manifesting your vision and experience of life. So clear resentment, clear negativity from your life but more importantly from the choice in your words…and what are words? The expression of our inner workings and emotional states or feelings.

What emotions would you like to experience more of?

By nurturing these emotions and experiences, what would be possible for you?

Modeling is one of the building blocks of NLP work and it is for some an effective way to create or bring forth a new vision from themselves.

Who do you most admire? Who do you know that has achieved the kind of success that you would like?

What qualities, not behaviors, does this person display that you need to develop within yourself?

What behaviors doe this person engage that support their success that you need to adopt for your own?

What actions steps do you need to take in order to incorporate these qualities and behaviors into your daily life?

Now. Once you have a vision, in order to bridge the gap and get from where you are to where you want to be get specific.

What exactly do you want to achieve and accomplish in the next twelve months to support that. Write it down.


You are going to have to be honest with yourself and ask, what stand in your way of getting there?

What are the habits and excuses that keep you tied to the past?

What skills do you need to gain to fulfill your vision?

There are no limits and everything is possible. If you truly desire it, if you truly feel it, it will come. And always work towards love. Love what you do, love what comes and breaks you down because that is where you will find the strength to keep going. From love. You deserve to be happy. You were born to add value to this planet... every thing you have been through, every single moment in your life has happened to give you the tools to succeed and shape you in to who you are right now.

To your success and mine,


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