There has been no more powerful time to be alive than right now. We are witnessing a new earth emerging. Today is day twenty of Quarantine. It has been challenging on every level. Everyone I know is stressed and walking around triggered.

In effort to bring a positive light into the panic that has taken hold of society over Covid-19, I have been encouraged by several collegues and clinets to share some of my knowledge on immune fuction and wisdom I have been gifted after 13 years of studying Functional and Integrative Nutrition, working and observing my clients closely.

When ever we get sick, we go right into fix it mode. We research and focus all our intention on recovery...We mega dose herbs, remedies, and take whatever alliviates the symptoms.

What if we focused our energy and intention on preventing getting sick to begin with?

What if we condition our internal biological terrain to be an undesirable host for germs and viruses?

By learning how to build a healthy immune system, we can be prepared for better short-term and long-term health.

The immune system helps protect our bodies from invaders such as germs and viruses. When it is working optimally, we usually won’t experience any symptoms. However, if we have a weakened immune system, we will most likely become an ideal host for viruses. Sometimes viral and infectious illnesses are short, such as the common cold, while others can be chronic and life-altering like autoimmune diseases.

Because there is so much seemed a bit easier than trying to type it all out amidst having my three kids at home 24/7 and being an unpaid chef, tutor, collge professor, here is the link, you need about 50 mins and a notepad!


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